Best Gaming Mouse 2017

The best gaming mouse is a tough find in todays climate. When using some of our investigators to look into the gaming industry we found that users were mostly struggling when finding the right gaming peripherals.

We have compiled a list of our favourite gaming mice, some of the important features that make them our choice and also some of the disadvantages of the mice.

Our first choice and the top of the list will be the Logitech G403 this mouse is an amazing gaming mouse featuring some powerful features. The comfort and quality of the mouse is immaculate, and the performance can only be described as truly great. We tried out the mouse with some popular FPS games such as Counter Strike Global Offensive and found that the mouse was able to outperform other mice from the brand Logitech, as well as doing better than competitors such as Razer and Corsair.

Our second mouse and our close to first position favourite is the Razer Naga. The Naga is a necessity for any gamer that is looking to game in the MMO world and in the very popular game World of Warcraft which has many keybindings and requires a ton of buttons. The Naga will outperform other mice in this section because on the side of the mouse is 12 buttons, alongside 2 buttons across the top and a clickable scroll wheel. All of these buttons give you an advantage over other players because you are able to click your buttons faster and can spread your keybindings between both hands, whereas other competitors will have to use their gaming mouse for only 2 buttons, and then bind all the other keys to their keyboard.

Our third and last choice of a gaming mouse is the Corsair Scimitar. Very similar to the Naga in its design and structure, but very different in the way it performs. The performance is what I believe it lacks in some departments when comparing it to the Naga however it excels in others and can easily do much better than the Naga when put alongside it. The accuracy and precision is much better with the Scimitar and it allows you to accurate select each pixel much easier, this is due to it being a higher DPI gaming mouse.

Overall we would recommend that you first check which game you are planning on using the gaming mouse on. I mean if you were using the gaming mouse for just FPS style games then you would only need a few buttons and a very accurate sensor, however with an MMO your accuracy is not so important but your reaction time and ability to manage a ton of keybindings is, therefore a Naga with the features that support this most will probably be your best choice. When it comes to finding the ultimate and truly unique best gaming mouse on the market, we suggest you really browse around as they are vary. The gaming mice of 2017 change so much and we can only expect them to change further into the future.

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