Can you imagine nefarious international regimes of yore having paper shredders decades ago? Had Nazi Germany managed to have paper shredders at the level they are today, some of the evidence in print of what the Third Reich’s horrific plans were would have been lost to history–with perhaps the Nuremberg Trials being more complicated in convicting certain individuals. Fortunately, fate stepped in and the Nazi era of Germany didn’t have paper shredders available, despite one man there who filed a patent for a crude design right during the reign of Hitler in 1935. That didn’t stop some former Nazis from attempting to shred documents once the electric version of this shredder hit the German market in the late 1950’s.

At least we can safely say that America was the first country to get a patent for a paper shredder. In fact, we beat Germany by 25 years on getting a patent for one, even though we didn’t produce one for years after the fact. Consider that a blessing in the case of Germany if you’re familiar with the things they were working on that almost came to be, including an atomic bomb. But we still have to give credit to Germany for creating the cross-cut shredder that we continue to use today through a company that’s directly connected to that above-mentioned German man who happened to be a former Nazi.

Yes, welcome to another ironic history class where one of the world’s most evil regimes happened to be connected to a device that every country uses today to keep our own privacy.

As mentioned, though, an American man by the name of Abbot Augustus Low managed to create the concept of a device that could shred paper in 1909. It’s odd that America didn’t manage to manufacture it considering it was during the time when we were progressing in industry and technology. Perhaps there was a determination that a paper shredder wouldn’t be in high demand by the general populace. And, that was likely more than accurate when many people didn’t feel they needed to shred any of their documents. Back in the first half of the 20th century, the concept of identity theft wasn’t even a glint in the most evil person’s eye yet. That’s not to say that our first government spy networks didn’t sift through the garbage of a particular suspect in an important legal case. Overall, though, it was rare.

When that above-mentioned former Nazi (the very Nazi-like name of Adolf Ehinger) managed to market his cross-cut shredder in Germany during their rebuilding phase following WWII, government agencies salivated at the potential of being able to shred documents to avoid being caught red-handed doing shady business practices. Even many German businesses decided to use Ehinger’s shredder. Originally, the design involved turning a manual crank to shred the paper, and Ehinger actually used it personally to supposedly shred Nazi documents later that incriminated him. He made the device with an electric motor by the time he started marketing it widely in the late 1950’s–hence already providing that familiar electric shredding sound we’ve all heard millions of times in our homes and in offices.


It’s quite telling that we were free of worry for decades in America from people invading our garbage and getting information on us from unshredded documents. As a little-discussed piece of Supreme Court history, many people probably have no idea that a particular case in the Court that revised our Fourth Amendment pretty much brought on a deluge of people buying paper shredders. You can also give a nod to one other person for getting a particular brand into people’s home offices: Col. Oliver North.

1984 was the first year that people started getting paper shredders into the privacy of their homes after years of corporations and other businesses using them. When the Supreme Court decided that year that our Fourth Amendment was not out of the bounds of law enforcement sifting through a person’s garbage to investigate suspected criminals, sales of paper shredders skyrocketed. Of course, this was still a long time before identity theft became prevalent, yet it was the first example of people fearing our government during a year when the irony of “1984” seems all the more eerie.

In retrospect, it may give some a chill of guilt now to use a paper shredder when we connect its history to shady characters trying to hide their tracks. While Col. Oliver North was an obvious patsy in the Iran-Contra scandals during Ronald Reagan’s Presidency, his off-the-cuff comment in 1987 about a particular brand of shredder that he used to shred documents on the case led to a run of that model in stores a week later. It was a more thorough shredder in the cross-cut variety, which became standard in many a home by the 90’s.


Now that likely every household in the world has at least one cross-cut or confetti paper shredder (among other thorough types), what are we to make of more recent technological developments where you can reconstruct shredded documents using digital software? Is it possible software like that will become as widely available as digital software has for so many to use to make believable videos of UFO’s and other strange phenomena? Right now, only government agencies use these sophisticated programs to do “unshredding” of important documents–some from recent history.

Companies here and there may start sweating a bit now that digital technology allows shredded strips of paper to be scanned and re-assembled so they can look like perfect documents again. Imagine software like that on your local Best Buy software shelf in about five years. If that happens (and you know a company will see a huge market for it eventually), shredding may have to go by the wayside and instead go back to relying on fire to burn documents. At least that’s already provided with some of the public shredding services offered to people today.

Maybe in the end, our prehistoric ancestors who discovered fire will be given credit for being the ultimate way to keep our discarded documents out of the reach of human hands or a digital scanner. It’s already cringe-inducing turning on a shredder and knowing it was the sound made when a former Nazi discarded personal documents that proved his despicable acts…

The way that I do the food for Cinco de Mayo is rice and beans, using some top rated rice cookers. Here are the recipes for rice and beans;
Ingredient’s are: 1 fresh tomato, 3 cups of rice (long grain rice), half of onion, 1 tablespoon of oil, 1 clove of garlic, 1 tablespoon or cube of caldo de pollo, and 1 tablespoon of salt.
First: boil the tomato in the pan. Get the blender ready with that piece of onion. When the tomato is ready put it in the blender with the onion. Blended for about 2 min until its all in a form of liquid.

Second: Put the rice a drainer and clean it for about 10 seconds. Then put in that same pan ( before putting the oil let the saucepan get dry first) then put the oil in and the rice. Wait about 20 min until the rice is nice a golden brown ( caution it needs to be stir frequently so the rice don’t burn). When done dry up the oil in the pan.

Third: Put the sauce that was made from tomato in the pan of rice.

Fourth: When it is boiling put in the garlic or cube of garlic with the cube of caldo of pollo and the tablespoon of salt.

Last part is that when it is dry put in a cup of water in the pan so that the rice could be nice and soft then turn down the heat and cover the rice. Let it heat up for about 30 mins or more.

The best gaming mouse is a tough find in todays climate. When using some of our investigators to look into the gaming industry we found that users were mostly struggling when finding the right gaming peripherals.

We have compiled a list of our favourite gaming mice, some of the important features that make them our choice and also some of the disadvantages of the mice.

Our first choice and the top of the list will be the Logitech G403 this mouse is an amazing gaming mouse featuring some powerful features. The comfort and quality of the mouse is immaculate, and the performance can only be described as truly great. We tried out the mouse with some popular FPS games such as Counter Strike Global Offensive and found that the mouse was able to outperform other mice from the brand Logitech, as well as doing better than competitors such as Razer and Corsair.

Our second mouse and our close to first position favourite is the Razer Naga. The Naga is a necessity for any gamer that is looking to game in the MMO world and in the very popular game World of Warcraft which has many keybindings and requires a ton of buttons. The Naga will outperform other mice in this section because on the side of the mouse is 12 buttons, alongside 2 buttons across the top and a clickable scroll wheel. All of these buttons give you an advantage over other players because you are able to click your buttons faster and can spread your keybindings between both hands, whereas other competitors will have to use their gaming mouse for only 2 buttons, and then bind all the other keys to their keyboard.

Our third and last choice of a gaming mouse is the Corsair Scimitar. Very similar to the Naga in its design and structure, but very different in the way it performs. The performance is what I believe it lacks in some departments when comparing it to the Naga however it excels in others and can easily do much better than the Naga when put alongside it. The accuracy and precision is much better with the Scimitar and it allows you to accurate select each pixel much easier, this is due to it being a higher DPI gaming mouse.

Overall we would recommend that you first check which game you are planning on using the gaming mouse on. I mean if you were using the gaming mouse for just FPS style games then you would only need a few buttons and a very accurate sensor, however with an MMO your accuracy is not so important but your reaction time and ability to manage a ton of keybindings is, therefore a Naga with the features that support this most will probably be your best choice. When it comes to finding the ultimate and truly unique best gaming mouse on the market, we suggest you really browse around as they are vary. The gaming mice of 2017 change so much and we can only expect them to change further into the future.

The superior quality and good brand of espresso maker can help baristas to make gourmet coffee and bring out the maximum flavor and potential of the coffee beans. There are espresso brands that manufacture best espresso machine to produce highly rich, concentrated and dark brews which are greatly favored by the coffee shops and Italian bistros. Today, you will across with a variety of models and brands of espresso machines in the market. Like coffee flavors, these machines range from fairly complex to relatively simple to utterly exotic, making it difficult to choose the best brand for your needs. So, below is the list of some of the best espresso machine brands that you may consider for your home espresso needs.

Best Espresso Machine Brands – Steam Driven Category

Mr. Coffee ECM160 4-Cup Steam Espresso Machine is the leader in the category of steam driven espresso machine. It has the capacity to brew and prepare 4 cups of espresso drinks into easy-to-pour glass decanter with drip-free spout. This steam driven espresso machine can make delicious coffeehouse style espresso drinks and coffee beverages at home and deliver you rich espresso, creamy lattes and bold cappuccinos. Designed with cord storage and removable drip tray, it is one of the leading and best espresso machine brands in steam driven category.

Best Espresso Machine Brands – Semi-Automatic Category

Rancilio Silvia is one of the leading espresso machine brands that comes with single-boiler semi-automatic espresso maker and available under $1000. Another great espresso machine brand under this category is the Breville BES900XL Dual Boiler espresso machine. This is the widely preferred espresso brand because it has the features and capability to produce espresso that can outperform the Starbucks espresso brews under the cost of $1200.

Best Espresso Machine Brand – Super Automatic Category

One of the best espresso machine brands under the super automatic category is the De’Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica, which is the best value super automatic espresso machine comes with the price tag of $600 and has dual boiler.

If it’s the case that you already know what type of DSLR camera you’re searching for, then it is possible to carry out a keyword search to look for it directly. DSLR cameras are extremely advanced and different from several other cameras, therefore it takes some time to understand them. They come with a lot of different features to meet a wide variety of photography needs. Not everybody who switches to a DSLR camera is prepared to be in full control of all the settings. It’s truly remarkable the way the camera has the capability to calculate all this info in an issue of seconds. More professional cameras utilize a pentaprism, exactly like in the film days. There are numerous point-and-shoot cameras that are made to take top quality photographs.

Pay a little more cash over the D3300 and you receive far more camera. A digital SLR camera appears like any typical big digital camera. however, it’s different in the way in which it is used. The instant you obtain a Digital SLR camera, you are going to want at least one interchangeable lens to be able to match it, camera gear can be found at

It’s possible for you to change lenses to create distinctive effects, and relish charge of aperture and shutter speed. When you check through your camera’s lens you will notice a range of focus points. Shoot in RAW, and if possible, utilize a large angle lens. Their interchangeable lenses are excellent for versatility. Lenses on Digital SLRs could be replaced for many functions. Not only that, but can be hard to discover which lenses are worthy of the cash. Canon EF 50mm f1.8 lenses testify you do not need to invest a lot of money to have premium quality glass.

Many people believe that a greater pixel density means greater quality photos. Camera Size is quite best to carry around and not so heavy. It supplies beautifull smooth images. You are now in a position to take individual pictures of each individual, wherever they’re standing within the circle, without having to adjust anything, and each shot is going to have consistent exposure. If you’re fairly seriously interested in learning photography and wish to take it up as a critical hobby, then yes, I think purchasing a DSLR would be recommended. Photographers wishing to capture action shots might want to try to find a camera that provides continuous shooting modes.

Below you will discover the optimal/optimally photo books which are very popular with beginners, in addition to with more seasoned photographers. These parts of glass are the specific same thing which makes up a cameras lens. With that said, keeping an eye on all 3 exposure settings can be challenging. Clearly, you will also eliminate a couple of the broad angle features. Just slide a bar to raise or decrease the specific settings and it’ll quickly demonstrate a preview of what the specific setting tweaks below. Fortunately, today there are a lot of photography tutorials offered for free or for charge, you could start straight away. It is going to be interactive and you will be transmitted on photo assignments to reinforce that which we’re learning.